Cigarette Smoking Predicts Development of Depression

It has previously been reported that many adult smokers diagnosed with psychiatric conditions actually started to use nicotine products years before the onset of mental illness such as psychosis. New research findings published in Journal of Affective Disorders indicate that daily nicotine use, mainly cigarette smoking, predicts the future use of antidepressant medication.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that nearly 20% of adults in the US smoked cigarettes in 2011. It is known that individuals diagnosed with neuropsychiatric illness are approximately twice as likely to smoke cigarettes, which often leads to nicotine dependence, compared with persons who do not have a mental disorder.

Additionally, cigarette smoking prevalence among persons with severe mental illness such as major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder is approximately 3 times greater than the rate observed in the general population. More specifically, around 66% of patients with schizophrenia, and around 50% of those with bipolar disorder, are current smokers.

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