Bipolar Disorder is Linked to Chronic Pain

Pain is not unfamiliar to people with bipolar disorder. The psychological pain that comes with depression and dysphoria can be debilitating. Like most people, those with bipolar disorder also experience physical pain. Stubbed toes, sore muscles and broken ankles, bipolar disorder patients are not exempt from these just because they frequently experience emotional pain. By contrast, people with bipolar disorder are more likely than the general population to experience certain types of chronic, physical pain.

Physical pain by itself is often a symptom of anxiety and depression. Muscle aches, chest pain, gastrointestinal cramping and other types of pain can be symptoms of bipolar disorder. They can also coincide with bouts of extreme fatigue. Aside from the emotional trauma of depression, these symptoms can only add to the burden, especially since they may not go away with traditional pain treatment methods.

Chronic pain feeds depression and depression can feed chronic pain. There are three specific types of chronic pain that appear more often in people with bipolar disorder:


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